Late IPL match finishes hurt IPL's popularity

Virat Kohli-the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore was recently in news for the fine of 12 lakh. RCB Captain was asked to give this fine for the slow-over-rate. Most of the captain of the team and other players haven’t really tasted the magic of fine that the technical committee imposes on the players and the captain of the team for slow-over rate or delaying the duration of the match for one or the other reason. 

According to the rules and regulation laid by the International Cricket Council, (ICC), the total playtime of T20I matches should not be more than 75 minutes but most of the matches and the captains of the team are taking 3-4 hours of time to complete the match.
Though the organizers of the IPL matches are making sure that the matches begin at the right time, most of the matches are taking close to four hours to end the match.
This has really impacted the viewership of the Indian Premier League. The overall interest of the fans is also getting impacted by the long duration of the matches.

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