Know why Farooq Abdullah doesn’t want real identity of Sehmat to get revealed in 'Raazi'

While Meghna Gulzar's 'Raazi' under the direction of Meghna Gulzar is one of the superhit films that has created a buzz at the box office.
Farooq Abdullah, the National Conference leader expressed his concern over the revelation of the Sehmat’s character being played by one of the finest actresses of the Bollywood Film Industry, Alia Bhatt.

According to the reports from the office of the former J&K CM, in a letter to the author of the film, Harinder Sikka about 10 years ago, he had clearly asked the author to guard the identity of the real Sehmat in order to prevent her family from risks that might be associated with the real identity of Sehmat.

When Farooq Abdullah was told the manuscript of this film, his immediate concern was the revelation of the real identity of Sehmat. After going through the script, he asked the author to change the names and give them a fictional look.
‘Raazi’ film displays the story of Sehmat Khan, an Indian spy who marries a Pakistan Army officer.

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