Texas: Fort Worth Family proves that Coronavirus Is Very Contagious

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North Texas’s youngest victims of the deadly coronavirus are finally out of the hospital, but his recovery was reported after several other family members already fell ill.
When 18-year old Mendel Mandel got sick, he went downhill fast, developed double pneumonia and got a fever of 105 degrees.
He said that was the first time he remembered things were going high. He wasn’t able to move. He had to make a lot of effort to move and he felt the same thing over and again.
He spent five days in Cook Children’s Medical Center and sent a message that should serve as a lesson people who think they aren't immune, should stay at home only.
He said lots of people are dependent on their friends. When he went to the emergency room, his mother started feeling sick.
Chana Mandel said she started feeling headache but she felt she was hoping through high-stress. When her son was in hospital, she started experiencing the similar symptoms.
In a week, she doubted if she was feeling sick or she was scared.

Soon, seven sisters of Mandel started getting sick but they are younger with mild symptoms. Then his father started feeling ill.
Dov Mandel added that Wednesday and Thursday, he started feeling weak.
It was when Mendel Mandel took a test for COVID-19 and reported positive, all other family members became confident they had the virus because they were getting the same symptoms.
The Mandels family members are in New York and have been sick since the outbreak.
Dov Mandel confirmed that his brother and sister and their families got the virus so he can say that this virus is extremely contagious.
The Mandel family is proof of that.

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