Dallas: County Judge Clay Jenkins orders Hobby Lobby to close its local stores

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Hobby Lobby, the popular craft store chain kept its stores open despite federal government orders to close.
Thursday night, customers were seen leaving the store in North Dallas near Preston and BeltLine.
That time only, Dallas county judge Jenkins issued an order to cease the company. He said in his statement that Hobby Lobby not following orders and keeping its stores open acted as a slap in the face to businesses that are following guidelines.
Jenkins said that he wants to make it clear to Hobby Lobby and any other store foolish enough to follow in their footsteps. In Dallas County, 99.9 % of the business community value public health over profits and law enforcement officers will make sure that the company follows the orders.

Despite several warnings, the company re-opened its stores in other states following stay-at-home orders, which awakened police to interrupt.
Jenkins has asked about states and large cities to send the cease and desist letter. He immediately received response from other local governments.
Jenkins requested employees and managers at Dallas County stores to leave and lock up the stores as soon as possible.
No answer has been received from Hobby Lobby till date.
Jenkins has asked people to report non-essential businesses that are still open and not following government’s orders.

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