Dallas: Two Frisco teen sisters killed in hit-and-run crash

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Two Frisco teenagers who were sisters were killed in a Hit-and-run case when the driver of the truck, 61-year-old Macario Hernandez rushed into their family's car.

The suspect was caught by the police after the accident in the Central Texas city of Kyle.
16-year-old Peyton Weissman and 18-year-old Hayden Weissman, both of the sisters attended Frisco Wakeland High School. Now the school management is planning to arrange a counseling session on campus.

Today, Students are planning to conduct a prayer service outside of the school in the loving memory of two sisters. Police officers are working on the incident and trying to figure out what exactly happened on that day.
According to Police officers, Macario Hernandez crashed into a Honda sedan driven by two sisters. Though he tried to run away from the scene area, he was caught no longer than the accident and charged with an accident causing death and injury.
Officers said that they found two conviction notes with Hernandez for driving while intoxicated. Kyle Police Lt. Andre Marmolejo expressed the loss saying that words can’t describe the loss. Two little girls are no more with is and we have an individual in custody whose life is never going to be same.
Kyle police confirmed that both the sisters were wearing their seat belts and they died on the spot. There were three other people in the car. They were rushed to the hospital. Their family lived in San Antonio and they often visited them.

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