Dallas: Most of North Texans happy after avoiding damaging hail

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Only a few people saw damaging hail yesterday. Though rain and wind disturbed the residents, the harm from damaging hail was less.
One of the pictures and videos that went viral showed hail falling overnight in Gainesville, located about 60 miles north of the Metroplex. 

Experts apologized and said that they expected a hail of squall line overnight and it is moving off to the east. On Wednesday, hail stayed northwest of the Metroplex in Montague, Wise and Cooke counties and the largest size of the hail was that of an egg. Now residents can breathe a sigh of relief and expect a nicer weekend ahead.
The main damage from rain and wind are gone and a colder temperature is expected to stay today morning. The temperature will be down and when the sun returns, everything will come back to normal by late afternoon.

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