Dallas: Four people including two kids and two adults found dead in Fort Worth home

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According to Police officers, four people including Two Kids and Two adults were found dead in their Fort Worth home yesterday.
On Monday, officers received a call on 911 about some injured people but when they reached the scene in the 2000 block of Speckle Drive, they found dead bodies of four inside the home.
No age or identity information has been released by the officers so far. It is believed that all four were family members. Investigators are looking into the matter and there are no reports of gunshots on the same day or previous night.

As per Neighbors, they saw some people on Easter and some kids were playing outside with their grandparents. Claudia Robles, the neighbor said that it is very disheartening news. They saw some people celebrating on Easter and now the news of dead bodies is quite hard to believe.
Buddy Calzada, Fort Worth Police Department said that the news is very sad especially when the entire family is involved.
Officers said that someone had the door keys who called them on 911 and now they are investigating with the caller. The exact reason for these deaths isn’t known and no suspect has been reported so far. Police call this incident an isolated one.

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