Virat Kohli fined Rs.12 lakhs for slow-over-rate

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Virat Kohli, the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team was fined Rs.12Lakhs for the slow-over rate.
In a match between CSK and RCB, CSK’s win with a total of 205 runs was a historic moment.

Chennai Super Kings’ captain Dhoni scored whooping runs of 70 runs in 34 balls. In just 19.4 overs, the team was about to make more runs made by the Virat’s team.
Virat Kohli was fined in the same match for breaking the code of conduct of the Indian Premier League.
This penalty is basically imposed on players who call spin bowlers or slow blowers to cover up the overs fast. According to the BCCI, RCB captain, Vira Kohli was also given a penalty for the same.

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