Texas: Tarrant County changing its way of reporting a more realistic number of coronavirus cases

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Tarrant County is changing its way of reporting cases of coronavirus in order to provide a more realistic number of cases and community spread. From now, Health officials will report the number of provisional cases or pending COVID-19 tests.
For now, there were 155 positive tests and 83 provisional cases in the county. One person died in Tarrant County and eight have recovered.
Dallas County is reporting the highest number of COVID-19 patients in the state. More than 500 people have been confirmed positive and 11 have died. Several new cases have been added from nursing homes as well.
Denton County has 191 cases and 3 deaths.

Collin County have 160 cases, 47 people have recovered, 96 are at home in self-isolation, 16 hospitalized and one has died. There are 198 more people under monitoring.

Ellis County reported its first death of a 90-year-old from Midlothian on Monday. Dozens of people have tested positive in this County.

One person died in Johnson County, eight confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been detected in this county.

Other counties of North Texas have less impact and reported a fewer cases of COVID-19.

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