Volunteers in Frisco come forward to help feed hungry children

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Volunteers in Frisco came forward to help feed hungry children. Yes, you read it right!

Thousands of Volunteers in North Texas today are working at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco. They started helping yesterday and are continuing to support the community hand pack 1 million meals for hungry children. This philanthropic work is done in partnership with the Feed My Starving Children organization.
These meals are provided to help hungry children get rid of malnutrition and get proper vital nutrients so that they can live healthily.
One of the Volunteers, Jake Howard said that it is one of the great ways to involve volunteers who otherwise may not come forward to help hungry children. It is a great way for businesses to come together for a cause with the church, a good way to meet new people and some new things to serve a needy community.
According to officials of Stonebriar Community Church, they are planning to have 5,000 volunteers to pack food for hungry children.

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