Suspect killed three and injured three in a fatal crash on I-635 and left behind 13-year-old boy while fleeing from the area

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A fatal crash on I-635 killing three people and three injured after a driver crashed into them while they were busy in changing the flat tire of their vehicle left everyone in shock.
Surprisingly, the suspect fled the crash area on foot and left a 13-year-old boy in the vehicle.

According to reports from Dallas Police Department, the three people who were killed were changing the flat tire of their Toyota Rav4 on the south side of the eastbound lanes in the 3200 block of LBJ Fwy.
The suspect was driving a black Chevy Silverado and then at 3.30 am he crashed his car into the three people and their vehicle. Further reports state that 23-year-old Christopher Pham, 23-year-old David Nguyen, and 22-year-old Hieu Minh Doan were killed in the fatal crash. There were two passengers in the disabled vehicle when this crash took place. They were rushed to the hospital and one of them was seriously injured. The 13-year old boy who was left behind by the suspect was taken to the hospital and reunited with his mother. The boy was not involved in the fatal crash.
The suspect is still missing but the officials will soon find him and charge him with manslaughter and not helping people after the crash.

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