North Texas churches to open through Wednesday to provide shelters during freezing cold

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North Texas churches and non-profit organizations were crowded Monday night with needy people who had no place to stay. So many volunteers come forward to make sure that the needy get help whenever required.

Following Sunday night, Monday was the second night when churches stayed open overnight to offer shelter to the homeless. A lot of volunteers make this thing happen flawlessly.
Yesterday, North Texans experienced freezing cold. Oak Lawn UMC brought inside donated coats to provide warm shelter for a second night. Similarly Axe Memorial United Methodist Church in Garland, a gymnasium provided overnight shelter. There were so many cots and blankets in addition to providing shelter to pets as well.
According to one of the volunteer, Grace McLeroy, needy are people just like us who need some of the help to stay warm. Pam Swendig, another volunteer who is a retired music teacher and now an executive director of Good Samaritans of Garland. Adolfo Valdispino, a day laborer who needs shelter said that people like Swendig and McLeroy help them by keeping their doors open.
Axe United Memorial Methodist Church and Oak Lawn UMC are planning to stay open through Wednesday.

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