Fort Worth Medical Center encourages parental supervision to lifeguard their children after reported incidents of drownings

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Fort Worth Medical Center, Cook Children's Hospital is alerting parents to monitor and "lifeguard" their children while they are in and around water. This hospital is calling all parents after the drownings incidents of two children that were reported by the parents due to the drowning of their children in bathtubs.

The trauma injury prevention and Co-coordinator of the Medical center, Sharon Evans said that the main reason why this type of incidents happens is leaving the child unattended. It happens when your child is in or around water and parents leave them to attend any phone, the doorbell, or get a towel. The coordinator further said that if parents want to attend other things first then it is always a better idea to take the child along with you. Just a few minutes of negligence can take away your child from you.
This hospital’s drowning prevention campaign initially targeted summertime swimming pool safety areas and now have started encouraging 100 % parental or adult supervision when the child is in or around water even bath time.

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