Virat Kohli aims to bring a sporting culture in India

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Virat Kohli, the Captain of India’s cricket team, has clearly mentioned his ambition in life. He said that he wants to bring a sporting culture in India. The running captain of the Indian cricket team is energetic and an impeccable dreamer. He wants to give India, a sporting culture to follow. He wants youngsters to get involved and play this game passionately to bring laurels to the country.
He is super-excited seeing the current performance of the team. He is just 29-years old and has promised to give India, a legacy that generations would follow.
While interviewing with Times of India, he said that “Cheeku” aims for a sporting culture in India. He wants more people to know about the sports that are trending these days.  He further added that he knows India has potential to do that and he can see the sporting culture coming up in the next 10-15 years’ time only.

When asked, one of the prominent questions, why cricket is more popular than football, our National game? Mr. Kohli said it is all because of the lack of super-leagues that give a setback to our players.
The fall of our national game is all because of the lack of the super-leagues. With so many visible traits and accessibility, it’s not difficult to globalize any sport.  The entire game is of visibility.Unless you get a chance to showcase your immense talent, it’s not easy for the players to start like anything.
The same thing happened to the captain of the team as well. That is why he wants to emphasize more on bringing sporting culture in India.

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