The theme song of 'October' starring Varun Dhawan released

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The filmmakers of ‘October’ starring Varun Dhawan on the demand raised by the public is all-set to release the theme song of the film.

This film co-produced by the producer, Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar under the direction of Shoojit Sircar is a film based on love, nature and the stunning autumn season.

The actor plays the role of a housekeeper in the film and he is shown in love with the idea of love. In the film, he is shown following a girl into the hospital. This girl hardly acknowledges Varun when he is in the workplace.

The melody released on public demand is the Theme of the film. It revolves around the ups and downs of the things that go with Dan and Shiuli, the lead roles in the film.

Many fans of the actor demanded the theme of the song. On the special demand, the idea to release the theme song came to the mind of the filmmakers. The theme of the film will be released on Monday. It is expected to hit the screen on 13th April this year.

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