The beginning of the Holi celebrations in Pakistan

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From our school days, we are learning that Holi is the festival of colors. In most of the countries, this festival is celebrated with utmost zest. It is one of the festivals that depict the victory of good over evil. This year, the festival was celebrated by the members who belong to the Hindu community and are living in Pakistan. The festival is colorfully celebrated every year in the month of February or March. It signifies the beginning of new season. Saying Goodbye to winters and welcoming the spring season.

In the pleasurable mood, people come on the streets and play with colors, balloons, and water guns. On this day, sweets are shared and people dance together to express their happiness.

In Pakistan, this festival was celebrated at the PNCA, Pakistan National Council of the Arts. This celebration was organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony. One of the residents of that area said that the festival of colors was celebrated with full-enthusiasm.

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