Mahesh Bhatt's tribute to Sridevi

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Mahesh Bhatt, well-known filmmaker of the Bollywood Film Industry paid tribute to the legendary Film actress, Sridevi, who left an untimely void with us.

Mahesh Bhatt on the episode of "India's Next Superstars",  shared some inspiring stories of the actress while she was shooting with him for the film, Gumrah, released in the year 1993.
He further added that when he was doing a shot for this film, he wanted to shot some water sequence so he needed the actress to do that scene for him.  On the sets of the film, he was given this information that the actress was suffering from fever and would not be able to do the shot so we had to postpone the shot for her. When the filmmaker went to the room of the actress to ask for her health and inform him that the shot might be postponed due to her bad health, the actress immediately refused to delay the shot.
She was a hard-working actress who shot water scenes despite high-fever. She was so professional that she didn’t utter a word.

The filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt salutes her for her hard-working nature and dedication; she had for the film Industry.

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