Maharashtra Government approves Rs 33,000 crore to 205 incomplete irrigation projects in the state

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Maharashtra State government has given approval of Rs 33,000 crore for the completion of incomplete projects that are already pending in the state.

Girish Mahajan, Irrigation Minister said that more than 205 irrigation projects were pending from past several years and Congress-NCP government never gave the state enough of funds to complete the pending projects.
According to the reports from the close sources, there are 307 pending irrigation projects. Out of all pending ones, 205 projects have received the approval of revision. The Minister is planning to focus on the revised projects before looking into the other ones.

To this, our Irrigation Minister further added that the left-over projects might need the price escalation to Rs 40,000 crore.

Girish Mahajan clarified the reasons for the price increase. The increase in the cost of raw material, increase in land acquisition cost, and so many unseen price increases that have really made it difficult for the Minister to help people to complete the pending projects on time.

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