Aamir Khan's Mahabharata budget of Rs.1000 crore to be financed by Mukesh Ambani

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Aamir Khan is a big fan of Mahabharata. There is no denying the fact that the superstar of the Bollywood Film Industry dreams to bring the epic story of Mahabharata on celluloid.
According to the reports from the close sources, the actor Amir Khan after wrapping up from the Thugs of Hindostan would start working on his dream project. If the reports from the close sources are to be believed, bringing series of Mahabharata is the most-endeavored dream of the actor which he wants to complete within the lavishing budget of Rs 1,000 crore.

Luckily, business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani is ready to co-produce Mahabharata in order to help Aamir complete his dream project. It is expected that the entire epic story of the Mahabharata would be completed in 3-5 parts under the direction of different filmmakers and the directors.
Aamir Khan has refused to take up the new project, Rakesh Sharma’s biopic. After wrapping up from the busy schedule, the actor would begin the new project of Mahabharata.

Mr. Khan said that his favorite character of this epic story is Karna, but he may not get a chance to play this role due to his physique. He might take up the role of Krishna or Arjun.

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