Texas: Runners gather to support a woman who was attacked while jogging in Frisco

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Early Wednesday Frisco runners supported a woman who was attacked while she was jogging in Frisco.
She was a known woman so several running groups came together to support her for a run at 5:30 a.m. in The Trails neighborhood. This place is the same place where she was attacked by a man early Monday.
According to her, the man in all black grabbed her and threw her to the ground. As she fought back and got away to call people for help, he left the scene.
She reported that the man is a heavy-set man about 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a bowleg walk.

The woman is well-known in the running and triathlon community and she often runs through the neighborhood several times a week.

Marcia Foster, a member of the Frisco Triathlon Club said that runners came together to honor her and to show predators that runners won't shake with these types of incidents. They will run on their streets.
The runners are hopeful and will continue their efforts. In fact, they are planning to meet police and come up with some self-defense classes.
Though the victim is physically okay, her emotional sentiments are shaken.

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