Texas: North Texas first responders in prep mode to deal with possible coronavirus cases in the US

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Dr. Veer Vithalani, assistant medical director for MedStar said that the main concern of the day should be prepared and not panic.
The first responders at Fort Worth state are in the full-prep mode as new coronavirus cases reported in the United States.
According to reports, the screening process will start when the officers receive call 911.
Dr. Vithalani explained that the main question should be the risk of exposure.
They ask patients if they've traveled to mainland China or any place where the coronavirus is hit or if they were in contact with a likely coronavirus patient.
Dr. Vithalani stated that for now, this virus is in mainland China and if anyone screen positive, he or she immediately responders to the fire and ems personnel.”
That calls for the specific protocols for protective gear, beyond what's recommend for common cold or flu.
Dr. Vithalani further added that they take one step higher than the general level of protection. That means the patient (with coronavirus) will wear a basic surgical mask and the first responders will wear added protection, including a higher grade N-95 face mask, which can filter out the tiny particles of the virus. They'll wear a plastic gown, slippers, and a protective eye shield.
If the case is a likely cause, the county health department will be notified, and that patient will be taken to the hospital under isolation precautions.
Fort Worth firefighters will be following the same set of protocols, and assure residents that they are safe.
The governor said they are working on solutions on the basis of lessons learned from Ebola and H1N1.

Gov. Abbott said that the agencies aren’t starting from the scratch and they are ready to deal with the virus.

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