Texas: North Richland Hills police looking for a predator who targeted teenage girl

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North Richland Hills police officers are searching for a predator who attacked a teenage girl.
According to reports from officers, they are looking for a man in the picture who can be seen walking on home surveillance video before he attacked the girl and asked her for a hug.
The teen-aged girl gave a detailed description of the man with Sandy colored hair, scruffy facial hair, and a lazy left eye.
He followed her and grabbed her on a quiet trail near Richland High School.
Carissa Katekaru, with the North Richland Hills Police Department, stated that he goes to her and talk to her. He asks her to hug him. But she refuses and then he hugs anyway and touches her inappropriately.

The incident took place last week in a neighborhood just off David Boulevard, north of Loop 820, by the North Electric Walking Trail.
The teen’s mother told the media that her daughter loved walking home on the trail every day, but now she is scared and doesn’t feel like walking alone.
Officers hope that someone would recognize him and give any type of tip that could lead to Identify this man.

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