Texas: Drug deal ended up in shooting in Allen apartment; Man charged with murder after victim dies

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A 32-year-old man has been charged with the murder after he shot the victim during a drug deal at an Allen apartment complex Friday afternoon.
The shooting incident took place at 1 p.m., at the Gates of Allen Station Apartments on Exchange Parkway.
A 39-year-old Ryan Joseph Kelly was shot. According to reports from the investigators, he was involved in an argument during a drug deal. Initially, he was in critical condition but later died.
Further reports from Allen Police state that they saw a black Dodge Challenger speeding out the complex and made a felony stop, surrounding the Challenger with their vehicles.
3 people inside the car were immediately taken into custody and the fourth one runs away from the scene. He was wearing a black hoodie and black pants. Three were taken to Allen police HQ for questioning.

One of the men who were taken into custody, Richard Anthony Valentine, was charged with murder.

Another suspect, Leroy Alvin Walls, was charged with possession of marijuana. The third one was taken into custody for questioning but was released.
Officers are still looking for the fourth one and have requested anyone with information that lead to his arrest to call Michael Canon, with Allen PD, at 214-509-4244


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