Plano: Early Monday Morning Three teens died in a single-vehicle car wreck

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Early Monday morning, a single-vehicle crash killed three teenagers in Plano and officers believe that over speeding could have played a major role in this case.
The crash took place at 3:45 a.m., in the 3200 block of Hedgcoxe Road, between Coit and Independence. Though the road was shut down for several hours, it is back to normal but still, there are some signs at places where this crash happened.
According to reports from the officers, when they reached the crash spot, all three teenagers were dead.

Vivek Saran, who lives nearby said that he had never seen such type of accidents. It was the middle of the night when neighbors heard noises of a sudden crash loud enough to get them out of bed.
Officers stated that a 2019 orange BMW sedan may have been over speeding and while coming around a bend, before hitting a curb, it went flying.
Police stated that 18-year-old Yuxuan Wang was behind the wheel, 16-year-old Yuchen Jin was in the front seat, and 18-year-old Jin Chen was sitting in the back. Plano ISD confirmed the all three of them were current and former students.

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