Dallas: A Street racing crash leads to the death of a Pleasant Grove man

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A Pleasant Grove man has been killed after being hit by a street racing incident.
The crash took place after 5 a.m. on Sunday, on S. Masters Drive and Cushing Drive in Southeast Dallas.
According to reports from the officers, 45-year-old Kendrick Lyons was ejected from his car when the crash took place and he died on the spot. His family stated that he was an innocent man who was heading to Garland to donate plasma when he was hit by a car.

Officers reported that one of the drivers involved in street racing has been arrested and the other one was rushed to the hospital.
Lyons’ mother reported that Lyons was with his sisters celebrating his birthday a couple of hours before he died.
When he went outside, his last words for his mother were, ‘Mom, I’m about to go. I’ll be back in time for you to go to church.’”
Minutes later, when he was crossing Masters Dr., his car was hit by another street racing car.
Police officers found 23-year-old whose name has not been disclosed and a 27-year-old Alejandro Valdez involved in this street-racing crash incident.

The 23-year-old was immediately rushed to the hospital, and Valdez was arrested on the spot.
Dallas City Councilman Jaime Recendez representing Southeast Dallas said that people need to understand how serious this situation is. One person lost his life, one is in the hospital. He feels frustrated and disappointed. He is angry because one person died in a similar accident that took place just last week.
The victim, in this case, went from celebrating his birthday with family Saturday night to being dead. He would have turned 46 on Tuesday.

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