Dallas: 17-year old Babysitter accused of murdering 3-month-old baby

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A 17-year-old Tynia Johnson Babysitter has been charged with murdering a 3-month-old baby.
According to reports from the officers, Johnson was with Ashton Smith alone last week for one hour and during that period only, something bad happened to the boy who suffered a fatal head injury.
Officers and the baby’s mother stated that the babysitter said that her son was sick with a fever but doctors confirmed that he died from a traumatic brain injury. 

Aspen Smith said that her son was sweet and smiled a lot. He was her first child and she could see stuff in him that she didn’t think she had in her.
Smith refused to show her face on camera as a helpless mother but shared details of what happened to her son after dropping him off with Johnson on Feb. 16.
She stated that her uncle dropped her off at work that day before 6 a.m. and then took her son to his babysitter’s place near 635 and Walnut Hill in Dallas.
Johnson was a family friend and mother to two children. She was looking after Smith for two weeks.
Further reports state that around noon that day Johnson called Smith and told her that her boy was “ill.” Her uncle picked the baby from her and then picked mom from her job.

She busted into tears when she saw Smith with bruises and asked uncle what happened? She didn’t get any answer from him. The first thing that she noticed was her son’s eyes rolled back in his head. She was repeatedly calling out his name but not getting any response from him. She then rushed her son to Children’s Medical Center and it was then that they learned that he had suffered a skull fracture, brain injuries, and seizures. They immediately called Child abuse detectives to investigate. After three days, her son died.

On Friday, Johnson was arrested for capital murder and fined with a bond of $150,000 bond.
On Saturday, Ashton’s funeral is in Louisiana, where his mother belongs to.

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