Police searching for missing Grand Prairie couple at White Rock Lake

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Police officials are searching for a missing Grand Prairie couple at White Rock Lake. The police officials have started using boats and sonar to find the couple who went missing earlier this week.
When the report of their missing was filed, police officials called 26-year-old Weltzin Garcia, the signal took them to White Rock Lake. Police found two-door black Honda Accord belonging to 28-year-old Alfonso Hernandez.  The Garcia’s family filed a complaint of missing Garcia with her husband Hernandez early Tuesday morning.
Saturday was the fifth day of their search. According to Mark Beseda, Grand Prairie PD officer, abandoned car and mission couple doesn’t seem to be normal. So, the officers are making sure to cover each and every aspect of this case. Police officers searched White Rock Lake by horseback, on foot, and using drones. But now they have switched to boats and sonar to find any clue.

Besada further added that this White Rock is quite a large one so the process will be long. Garcia's family has been visiting lake multiple times and they haven’t left and given up their hope of finding their daughter and son-in-law.
Family members stated that the couple had some violent domestic dispute issues that forced Garcia to press charges against her husband for assault. Police officials had a warrant for Hernandez's arrest, and he had sent alarming text messages to her family as well.
Besada added that anything is possible seeing their past history. Still, everyone hopes that both of them are safe.

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