Lawmaker introduces a bill that ends tolls on toll roads once they are paid off

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Matt Shaheen, one of Plano’s state representatives serving as a representative for Texas House District 66 has requested to introduce a bill that will end tolls on toll roads after they are paid off.

He filled HB 436 bill that proposes Texas toll projects to become a part of the state highway system once they are paid off. If this bill is approved, all toll roads (with the bill paid off) would run without paying tolls after the acquisition cost and construction cost of the entire project have been paid off.
This bill was introduced to the transportation system on Wednesday.
According to him, the Government needs to fund the roads through existing tax structures but historically the system underfunded transportation system resulting in the need for toll roads. Now that the transportation funding has increased, the government needs to come up with a strategy to end tools after the entire bill is paid off. He further added that Collin County citizens are paying a huge sum of their income on toll roads and the issue needs to be taken into account.

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