4-year-old Garland girl of Dallas dies from flu

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4-year-old Ashanti Grinage was the light of her parents. She died of the flu and left a big void in her home. This Garland girl death case is the first one to report death due to flu in this season. According to her parents, she was a healthy child and showed flu-symptoms only four days before her death.
Her family is still in shock and trying to think what happened to them and how fast everything happened and they lost their lovely daughter. They are in the hospital where Ashanti’s mother was hospitalized for similar kind of flu-like symptoms.

As per Ashanti’s father, Martell Grinage, their daughter had no severe health conditions. She showed cold symptoms on Sunday evening. On Tuesday, she had a 103-degree fever so they took her to the emergency room where she was tested for Flu type A. She didn’t receive her flu vaccine.
Father Martell said that doctors asked him to take his daughter home when her fever subsided and asked him to give honey and lemon for a sore throat and cough and some OTC medications to reduce the fever. Next day, Wednesday, she had no fever but mild symptoms. On Thursday, she started feeling lethargic. It was when her mother took her back to the ER, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Later that day, Ashanti died.
His father further added that he will always think if he could do anything to save her. He feels that he cheated his daughter and lied to her because he had told her that he would not let anything bad come to her. He is continuously wondering and his thoughts are killing him.

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