Useful tips by Cardiologist Dr Trehan on living with a healthy heart

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The untimely death of the actress Sridevi has left a void in the Bollywood. The exact reason for her death was not known before the death certificate clarified that the actress died because of unexpected drowning.

Though this is the exact reason behind the untimely strategy the reason to why and how this happened is still not known.
According to the reports of the Media office from Dubai, the actress died of accidental drowning in the bathroom of the apartment where she was staying. Sudden loss of consciousness took her to death.  This consciousness’s loss can be due to severe cardiac arrest or there can be so many reasons but cardiac arrest is the major one.
Sanjay Kapoor, brother-in-law of Sridevi after the accident confirmed that the actress dies of severe cardiac arrest.

The exact reason for her death that is severe cardiac arrest might not be the reason for her death but there are high chances of severe cardiac arrest all of a sudden especially in the case of the women 

Dr. Naresh Trehan, an Indian cardiologist to the death of Sridevi said that the news if bad but there is no need to panic. Taking certain precautions, women can protect themselves from sudden cardiac arrest.

Dr. Trehan revealed the fact that before any sudden mis-happening, human body sends "warning signs" These signals can be identified much before the situation worsens.
  • A regular check-up is very important after you turn 30.
  • Routine checkup would help you to test your body for any severe health issue like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.
  • If you do that you can predict any health issue at early stages and customize your lifestyle accordingly.
Doing above-mentioned things may not protect you from cancer or other diseases but definitely, it will protect you from sudden health-associated risks.

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