Priyanka Chopra-firm believer of Marriage and want to have lots of kids

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Shockingly, this news came from the leading actress herself. Yes, it is Priyanka Chopra only who is a firm believer in doing marriage and having lots of kids.
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PeeCee is a hard-working actress that has never failed to impress her with her mind-blowing performances in the Indian Film Industry. She is an actress who is always in news for her talent and not for her personal life. She maintains her dignity and always tries to keep her personal life away from the media.

Although she prefers not to about her life in public but this time, one of the finest actresses shared her views in an interview taken by the international magazine. She talked more about her single status. Now she says that she would think of it seriously. Till now, she wasn’t serious about it but from now, she will look into this matter as well. She wants someone who gives her attention but do not like what a creeper does, If he is not open-minded, smart, and intelligent then he is not eligible to marry her. The biggest thing that she looks at her man is the romance.

For marriage and kids, she said, she is a firm believer of marriage and wants to have lots of kids as well. The only question that comes to her mind is “Who will fit in her expectations?

She feels herself lucky enough to have such an open—minded parents who never force her to get married. She feels fortunate enough to have grown up in the 21st century, where her parents are supportive and support her in her freedom of thoughts.

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