Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani's face beautified with new looks

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Indian Railways is continuously doing one or the other thing to improve the Railway mode of the transport system in India.
Slowly but gradually, things will change. The faces of Indian Railways are becoming beautiful day by day and the more number of passengers are traveling on a regular basis.  
After the amazing change of Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Shatabdi Express, Indian Railways have planned to refurbish the Western section that is the makeover of the face of Delhi to Mumbai, Rajdhani Express.
The Indian railways have planned to introduce cleaner, hygienic, and comfortable environment to the passengers who travel via it.  All-new and improved coaches will help passengers to move from one place to another without any hassle.
Better bedding, improved walls of the coaches, improved washrooms, and many more features that would definitely increase the number of passengers. The project called “Swarn” holds the responsibility for all changes that would take place in the Indian Railways. This project targets to change the face of Delhi-Mumbai, Rajdhai Express.
The walls of the toilet are improved plus dustbins and basin panel have been changed.
The sleeper bunks with proper bedding, blankets, and pillow including a towel will also be provided.

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