Deepika Padukone gets emotional to see her father being presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award

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On the celebrations day of 29th January, Deepika Padukone got emotional in Delhi. She was present at the event where her father, Prakash Padukone, was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was given by the Badminton Association of India (BAI). At the award ceremony, the actress got emotional, and couldn't stop her tears.
The reporters took several photos of the actress crying in tears.
The actress, however, felt proud of her photos. Far from feeling embarrassed she stood firm and appreciated her photos. She even posted her photos on Instagram and mentioned don’t feel sorry for the photos that the media capture you crying instead feel proud of posting photos that actually showcase what you are.
On getting the award, Deepika Padukone’s father thanked his family, his parents, his sibling, his wife and, his daughters who helped him become a man, he is today. He holds all of them responsible for helping him become an administrator, a coach, or a person that all of us know today. He proudly shared his award with his players and family members.

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