Cockroaches existed even before dinosaurs era

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According to the latest study, it was found that cockroaches existed even before the time when the continents were formed and splitted. The recent study found that cockroaches belonged to a common ancestor that lived during the Triassic Period.
As per the study done by the Scientists, cockroaches originated in the land Pangaea some 300 million years ago.
What does the study show?
According to the record of the fossils, the cockroaches that we see today had ancestors that were present on our planet some 125-140 million years ago
Before that, the dry land was glued to form a single mass known as “Pangaea supercontinent”. On this continent, it was believed that the cockroaches occupied most of the land.
When this supercontinent broke into smaller pieces, the continental plates were formed. At that time, the descendants of the cockroaches moved to those smaller sections.
This resulted in more population of the cockroaches on the new islands.
How the researchers came to the conclusion?
The team of researchers used samples of cockroaches that were taken from the specimens of cockroaches which represented species of almost 119 living cockroaches. This helped then to estimate the evolution time of the cockroaches that we see today.
The result of the study
Thomas Bourguignon, the lead author of this study, calculated that the oldest family of cockroach evolved some 180 million years back.
Based on this fact, he estimated that more than 4,500 species of cockroaches that we see today have common ancestors that lived some 235 million years ago.

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