Police arrested woman after chase from Highland Park to Frisco overnight

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Police officers arrested a woman after from Highland Park to Frisco overnight. The woman was a pickup truck driver carrying a car on a trailer.
According to Police, Natalie Butler pulled into the parking lot of Highland Park Village shopping center near Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road before midnight. When an off-duty officer looked something coming out of her trailer, he went closer to help her. It was then she drove off. The officer immediately called for help and asked several officers in marked squad cars to stop her but she refused to cooperate.
Police chased her from I- 30 to the LBJ Freeway and continued chasing her on I-35 and finally chased to the President George Bush Turnpike through the Collin County.

Natalie Butler has her right leg missing. She was taken into custody in Frisco when Farmers Branch Police officers dropped spike strips and strictly asked her to stop.
No confirmed reasons for not stopping the car has been revealed so far. Butler said that she doesn’t like police and she didn’t want to pull over. Police have received a bag of meth from her.
She is in jail right now and has been charged for evading and drug possession. She also hit one other vehicle during the police chase so she has been charged with aggravated assault as well.

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