Judge denied the request to lower bond for Sherin Mathews' mother

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Dallas County judge strictly refused to lower the bond for Sherin Mathew’s mother who is charged with adopted special needs daughter abonnement.
Sini Mathews, mother of Sherin was arrested and charged with child abonnement after she left her 3-year-old adopted special needs daughter home alone in October, last year.  Sherin’s father Wesley Mathews has been accused of killing her.

Sherin’s body was found in a culvert near her family’s home in Richardson. Initially, her parents said that she was missing but later they accepted that they left her home alone and went out on a dinner, the night she died.
Wesley has now said that she died of choking on milk but he accepted that he put her body in the culvert.

Sherin’s mother Sini Mathew’s bond has been lowered once from $250,000 to $100,000 and she is in jail for the past 14 months. Her attorneys requested to lower the bond to $2,500 but Dallas County Judge Amber Givens-Davis refused to lower bond and ordered that it will stay $100,000.
Wesley has been charged with capital murder. His trial is scheduled for May.

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