City of Frisco launched an app to keep track of coyotes

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The City of Frisco recently launched an app to keep a track of coyotes. After several attacks reported by the Coyotes last year, the city has decided to launch an interactive map that will help people to report coyote sightings.

In October last year, so many people complaint about aggressive coyotes near Eldorado Parkway and Preston Road. Almost five incidents have been reported so far where a coyote attacked or stalked passers.
According to Police officials, this interactive map will help people to see areas where a coyote is moving. They can avoid that route and reports to police so that areas trappers can target them.
Chief John Bruce said that they do respect their right to live here and they will keep examining their behaviors and trap only when they become aggressive. No coyote captured till date has shown positive results for rabies.

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