35-years old father arrested for killing 3-year-old son

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In Dallas, 35-year-old father has been jailed for murdering his 3-years old son. According to mother, Connie Michael, she isn’t able to forget her son. It is difficult for her to take her son’s image out of her head. She wished if she would do something to help these little kids come together. This type of incident is heartbreaking.

She added that she came home to the Greens of Hickory Trail Apartments in South Dallas at 6:30 pm on Saturday when she saw police lights and heard someone screaming. She then asked, what had happened? That man then said that Man has stabbed his girlfriends and his kids. When police were trying to control the situation, the lady asked the man identified as Brandon Edwards, hanging out of the second story window with a knife in hand.
She requested him and asking him to surrender himself. She could then hear the mother and kids screaming. According to the police officials, mother managed to come out with her 7-year-old daughter and looked for help. When she came back, she was stabbed herself by Edwards. He then said ‘Machiavelli is alive. Machiavelli is alive.' The lady then said please.
Edwards then jumped from the window, was immediately taken into custody. He has been charged with capital murder for murdering his 3-year-old son. Michael with her children left a teddy bear and some flowers at her apartment, yesterday. The little munchkin who lost his life can’t be saved and can’t be forgotten.
His mother is in the hospital. 7-year-old isn’t injured. 35-year old Brandon Edwards is charged with capital murder.

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