Arlington: Small plane makes emergency landing near apartments.

Plane makes emergency landing on Arlington Street.

A plane barely missed busy traffic, a high rise, and organizations when it made an emergency landing on the road in Arlington Monday evening.

The single-engine Cessna 172 landed on Timberlake Drive near Park Row, which is not far from the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport.

There’s likewise a school about a street or two away from the accident site.

“The pilot reports that he had engine failure and decided to try to put it down in the safest place he could put it down and found this open area,” said Arlington Fire Lt. Adam Evans.

“This time a day with you see the civilian traffic, how many people are around here, apartment buildings, businesses. So, hands down to the pilot for safely putting it on the ground where he did.”

Two individuals were ready for the plane. Arlington police, both the pilot and the traveler, left the plane alone and were not truly harmed.

“Unfortunately, caught a little bit of debris coming through a parking lot. But, fortunately, the pilot and passenger, there were no injuries,” Evans said.

Media shared a video that shows the disabled plane making a rapid descent toward the parking lot.

The plane stirs things around town, rams into a wall, and continues onward. It stops simply relatively close to a high rise.

Veronica Gomez is the property chief at a storage space right close to where the plane accident landed. She heard the noise from the landing while inside.

“It actually went right over the buildings and into that fence. And I think the fence kept it from going all the way over to the other building,” she said. “The 18-wheelers, they sit there to wait for their loads so there’s a lot of people in the parking lot right there.”

The 1997 Cessna is owned by Aviator Air Flight School, which flies out of the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport.

Media connected with the flight school. They said they had no remark.

The FAA and NTSB are exploring the episode.

The FAA will post a fundamental mishap report online, likely on Tuesday.