Allen family of four found dead in apparent murder-suicide.

Allen police say a family that lost their 4-year-old daughter earlier this month was found dead after an apparent murder-suicide.

Allen police say a family that lost their 4-year-old little girl in a drowning earlier this month was tracked down dead after an apparent homicide suicide on Monday. Police accepted the drowning was a result of the murder-suicide.

Police found the bodies of the four relatives inside their home on Aberdeen Drive in Allen on Monday morning. The Allen Police Office says it was a shooting they portray as a homicide suicide.

Police were called to the home by a concerned relative who was kept out of the house for two hours and couldn’t get anybody to answer the entryway.

Neighbor Jacqueline Soto says that the relative was a grandma.

“She was very distressed,” reviewed Soto.

Police said that soon after, more relatives appeared.

“Simply attempting to, I surmise, control the grandma who was unbelievably disturbed herself,” said Soto.

At last, police entered the home and tracked down the four bodies. Police have not said who was the shooter.

Minister Etchu lives close by. He saw Monday’s police presence and wished he had seen caution signs to help the family.

“We know nothing,” said the minister.

Allen Police affirmed bodies found in the home belonged to father Farman Sherwani, Mother Layla Sherwani, 12-year-old child Shaheen Sherwani, and 2-year-old child Mateen Sherwani.

Allen ISD affirmed that one of the casualties was a 5th-grade student at Olson Rudimentary.

The school sent a note to guardians on Monday night saying they had been educated regarding the
“Surprisingdeath” of a student. Guides were accessible at the school on Tuesday.

Police likewise affirmed the family lost their 4-year-old little girl Lyian Sherwani, to drowning recently. While the particulars of that episode are not satisfactory, police say the suffocating was considered Monday’s homicide suicide.

“It was super miserable and tough. I think about us only felt for the family,” said Soto.

The Islamic Relationship of Allen facilitated a memorial service for the four relatives Tuesday night.

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