Actor Shreyas Talpade Hospitalized After Heart Attack Post ‘Welcome 3’ Shoot with Akshay Kumar

Actor Shreyas Talpade faced a health scare, suffering a heart attack after shooting for ‘Welcome 3’ alongside Akshay Kumar.

Shreyas Talpade faced a sudden health emergency, enduring a heart attack after filming sequences for ‘Welcome 3‘ with Akshay Kumar. The actor, known for his jovial presence on set, underwent an angioplasty procedure promptly at a Mumbai hospital in Andheri and is presently in recovery. Awaited updates on his health are anticipated by fans concerned about his well-being.

Talpade, enthusiastically engaged in the filming of ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘ alongside Kumar, exhibited his usual exuberance throughout the shoot until experiencing discomfort post-wrap. Upon returning home, he complained of uneasiness to his spouse, precipitating an urgent hospital visit where he collapsed en route.

Currently under intensive care, medical professionals are closely monitoring Talpade’s recovery. Despite his absence, reports affirm that the film’s schedule, helmed by Akshay Kumar, will proceed as planned, given the brevity of the pending shooting schedule and the upcoming holiday season. Talpade is expected to rejoin the film’s crew once he recuperates, continuing his role in ‘Welcome To The Jungle.’

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